Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Light Conservation

Mirrors are inferior in here. Not reflecting enough of the picture. The world, we've found, is not flat- so why should mirrors be?

We need to go back to the source of mirrors. We need finer sand and hotter fire to melt the sand faster. The fastest craftsmen to mold the mirror. The most beautiful faces whose self-loving gazes will be measured for duration. The mirror that holds the deepest gazes for the longest - that'll be my material.

We each need a mirrorsphere. A ball whose inner walls are made of mirror. I'll take the finest mirror glass and mold it to the cutest baby's ass. By math I'll multiply the size by fours or fives until its large enough for my comfortable mass.

Each enlarged baby buttock will form half of my sphere. It will hinge along the base of what would be the buttcrack.

I think the sphere should be made of two-way mirror-glass. The outside of the sphere should be painted white. I believe this would be the best way to conserve light within the sphere. If I blink on my headlamp for an instant. The light emitted should bounce around my mirror for a long while befor it is completely absorbed by the mirror walls. The light that leaks into the wall may bounce off the white outer wall (white reflects all light) and back into the sphere.

I will bring a video camera into the sphere! That i might share the wonders of spherical reflection and light conservation with other people.

Ideally I'd use my own ass from babyhood for a mold. Using one's own dimensions may produce the truest reflections. Should the experiment succeed, I'll have a baby, mold its ass, and build it mirrorspheres throught its life.

Years after Scooter VanImpe's invention of the mirrorsphere the global economy has been dominated by its impact. The light from the sun is now a rare commodity like oil or water. The sun is blocked from the masses, its light and energy stored in mirrorspheres and then sold to people.

Next Episode:
Light bomb vs. gravity bomb.

Scooter's Trip

Don't let dimples fool you. Scooter has hats against it all. Its his least favorite ever and we think its fine.

"Are you an emotional eater?"

She hates doing cardio because she hates cardio.